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is there a way to drop in my netrw location info into my jumplist

Create a file in the location ~/vim/after/ftplugin/netrw.vim with the contents: augroup NetrwJumplist autocmd! * <buffer> autocmd BufLeave <buffer> normal! m' augroup END This will ...
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Vim hides files inside directories with brackets in the name

I know it has already been 2 years since this post was written, but nevertheless. I had the same problem when I was working with Next.js. The only solution I found was changing terminal from ...
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"netrw" mishandling long filenames

It has been almost 2 years since I posed this question and the problem persists. As per Christian Brabandt's comment, the only solution thus far seems to be (say) let g:netrw_maxfilenamelen=66. You ...
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Why isn't netrw (:Explore) loaded, when starting vim using `vim -u NONE`?

You also need nocompatible to be set. That's usually the default, but not for -u NONE or -u empty-vimrc. echo '' > empty-vimrc # These do work vim -u empty-vimrc -N . # sets ...
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