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For presentations I found few useful plugins (not mandatory, but very useful) and options. Plugins Goyo - distraction free The plugin Goyo, that removes all the visual elements (line numbering, status bar, tabs...) to make kind of like the VSCode "zen mode". Cool for presentations (I assume you don't want these elements). Vim markdown - markdown ...


In order to get real pictures in vim you have to get a terminal emulator that can show images. I don't know linux options, but for macOS, ITerm2 does it perfectly. ITerms2 has a special escape sequence that can be used by any terminal app to tell the emulator to print an image. So you could program an autocommand that tells vim to run a command (imgcat for ...


You can pass a command when starting up with -c (or +): vim -c 'PlugUpdate' You may also want to pass qall if you are running this from a script.


MacVim has a preferences dialog in the usual (for a Mac) place. Its General setting "Open files from applications" controls what happens when you drop a file onto the app. The preferences let you choose between "in a new window" and "in the current window". The latter has a pop-up to control exactly what you get when you open ...

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