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Doing getchar(1) in loop is problematic https://github.com/equalsraf/neovim-qt/issues/605 I really suggest you to look at cli.py of leaderF for an implementation.


Not an answer to your question. But thought I'd mention that this exists: https://github.com/terryma/vim-smooth-scroll


I have now just checked manually whether the cursor is at the border of scrolloff, i.e. if it would be scrolled by <C-y> for example or not, and if not, then I move it manually at each iteration with j or k: function SmoothScroll(up) let cursormov="" if a:up let scrollaction= "normal \<C-y>" " now also check how far the cursor is ...


As of version 8.1.2231 Vim has the gM command which puts your cursor at the middle of a text line. If you supply a count the count is interpreted as the percentage of the line width, e.g., 33gm will put the cursor at roughly one third of the text width.


$ or <End> - goes to end of line g_ - goes to last non blank of line g$ or g<End> (both take a count) - goes to end of last screen n-1'th line <Ctrl><End> (takes a count) - goes to end of absolute n'th line


Yes, see :h g_ g_ To the last non-blank character of the line and [count - 1] lines downward |inclusive|.


g_ will to go to the last non-blank character of the line For more help see :h g_

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