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It can be done with :terminal $SHELL $CUSTOM $ARGS.


Just use :vertical terminal and then just map it to a key or something. Also, I have this in my vimrc: map <Leader>t :set mouse=a<CR>:vertical terminal<CR> That enables me to switch between split windows with my mouse since you wont be able to use :wincmd (h,j,k,l) to switch back and forth split windows cause youre in the terminal. You can ...


When using a relative path, awk assumes the path is relative to the current directory. In the comments, you note that :pwd gives /home/user; that means you need to give either an absolute path to denorm.awk, or a path relative to /home/user (in general, relative to the :pwd) As far as keeping the existing csv, you should use the filter syntax (:%!awk -f ...


Vim 8.1 adds debugger integration, see :help terminal-debug. The summary is that you run :packadd termdebug :Termdebug myprogram And then you can set breakpads either in the gdb buffer using b myfunc, or in the vim window with :Break, or by right-clicking a line and picking "Set breakpoint". Similarly, there are 3 methods for running the program, ...

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