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Something along the lines of nmap <RightMouse> :new <cWORD><CR> Now you might need to process <cWORD> or do something else. Learn about if,expand and maybe you will need to select,copy and paste the content. I tried in neovim. Not sure if matters.


Here's buffy, something I whipped up based on Martin's excellent batchy: Run :Buffy, edit the vimscript, and then run :Slay. if exists('g:loaded_buffy') finish endif let g:loaded_buffy = 1 call prop_type_add('buffy', #{highlight: 'Special'}) function Buffy() abort const scriptfile = tempname() execute 'split' scriptfile setlocal nobuflisted ...


Here is the proof of concept. Create a function that deletes a buffer out of a line that has a buffer info: func! DeleteBuffer() abort let bnr = matchstr(getline('.'), '^\s*\zs\d\+') exe "confirm bd" . bnr endfunc noremap <space>de :call DeleteBuffer()<CR> Basically if you have a lines like: 4 h "templates\asciidoctor\...


Meta This question is long (4 questions), and we normally prefer to keep questions to 1 question per question. The 4th is also opinion-based enough to be off-topic. However, the questions are related enough and I have enough to say that I'm going to (try to) write an answer. Your questions first: Does this mean that at this point in time, argo and bufdo ...

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