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I found something that work in tmux.conf : set -g focus-events on Nothing more


vim-tmux-focus-events will send FocusGained and FocusLost events to vim. This will enable Vim to reload a file that has changed on disk once you switch back to the Vim window. I don't know airline but if it uses the same events it will work there as well.


This almost works for me: nmap <buffer> <S-CR> <Plug>SlimeLineSendj The reason it actually doesn't work is that my terminal Vim actually doesn't recognize the <S-CR> sequence as different from a simple <CR>, so whenever I press <S-CR> Vim just moves to the next line and doesn't really trigger the mapping... If I do the ...


I came up with a solution based on this answer: nmap <buffer> <S-CR> :execute "normal \<Plug>SlimeLineSend"<CR>j

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