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How to go to previous open buffer from Vim command line?

:bp goes to previous buffer. :bn goes to next buffer.
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How can I echo a variable and redirect it to a file, register or the clipboard?

I would do: :redir @* | echo g:terminal_ansi_colors | redir END It moves the output of echo g:terminal_ansi_colors to the * register.
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Vim command-line just say 'saved' upon save

You could use the BufWriteCmd to override the write operation: augroup OverrideWrite autocmd! autocmd! BufWriteCmd * silent w | echo 'Saved' augroup END
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MacVim: how to prevent :[range]!say to remove text?

:help :range filters the given range of lines through an external command. The whole point of that feature is precisely to replace the given lines by the output of the external command so using it and ...
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