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This is only supported in GUI. For terminal, there is no common way to set it up. If you really need setting cursor colors, you have to figure the right control sequence yourself and tell Vim about it. Full instructions and working example for xterm-compliant terminal are given under :h termcap-cursor-color.


Try unsetting 't_ks' and 't_ke' in your vimrc: " Prevent Vim from setting application keypad mode. set t_ks= t_ke= If you'd like, you can do that conditionally, based on the TERM=vt520 setting: " Prevent Vim from setting application keypad mode on a VT520. if &term ==# 'vt520' set t_ks= t_ke= endif These sequences are used by Vim to start ...


You can use :set splitright combined with a command abbreviation like: :ca term vert term Splits will always open on the right; term will always shortcut to vert term on the command line (this includes when using / and ?).

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