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You're probably overlooking the additional attributes set in the cterm= field for those highlights. For instance, after I set ctermfg=black ctermbg=white for StatusLine, I get this when I query it: :hi StatusLine StatusLine xxx term=bold,reverse cterm=bold,reverse ctermfg=0 ctermbg=15 gui=bold,reverse You'll see the cterm=bold,...


From :h terminal-start: When the terminal starts, the buffer contents are updated and the buffer is named in the form of term://{cwd}//{pid}:{cmd}. This naming scheme is used by |:mksession| to restore a terminal buffer (by restarting the {cmd}). Therefore you can not do this, unless you manually "swap" buffer names before :mksession and on autocmd ...


Afaik this string is hardcoded into vim (and translated). You would have to patch and recompile vim yourself. The relevant code is here (thanks @Rich).


That's a bell (a visual bell). You can turn off bells for Esc in normal mode using belloff: *'belloff'* *'bo'* 'belloff' 'bo' string (default "") global Specifies for which events the bell will not be rung. It is a comma separated list of items. For each item that is present, the bell will be silenced. ...

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