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Change your FileType autocommand to autocmd Filetype txt ++nested colorscheme NiceTheme to allow for nesting (by default, they do not nest). See :h autocmd-nested (and thanks to Matt for the tip).


As you can read from :h 'termguicolors': 'termguicolors' 'tgc' boolean (default off) global Enables 24-bit RGB color in the TUI. Uses "gui" :highlight attributes instead of "cterm" attributes. So your highlighting command can not work since it doesn't provide a guifg attribute. I think the following should do the trick: highlight ...


You have mistaken your terminal color scheme with the Vim color theme. To change the Vim color theme, you need to use :color command, followed by a valid color theme on your system, for example, color desert.


I had the same issue but got it to work by putting the "colorscheme yourtheme" line after I've called the plugins.

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