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How can I change the colorscheme of the vim terminal buffer?

I had the same question (I am using vim 8.2) and a google search brought me here. I searched vim help for g:terminal_ansi_colors and made a list as they suggested of rgb values for gruvbox using the ...
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How Can I Use The Error Color for `guibg` and `ctermbg`

One simple way is to link ExtraWhitespace to Error with colorscheme whatever hi link ExtraWhitespace Error Or if you use :h colorscheme-override: augroup my_colorschemes au! au Colorscheme pablo ...
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How to setup in `~/.vimrc` a mapping for `colorscheme` to toggle `solarized` between `dark` and `light`?

Here's an alternative two parter answer, that toggles both the colorscheme and the background. First, using your mapping, then a specific mapping pattern I use to mirror another popular plugin with ...
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