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Sure—use <C-w>: in your terminal mappings to get a colon command line instead of "escaping" to normal mode: tnoremap <silent> <C-H> <C-W>:call WinTabSwitch('h')<CR>


The help for the function term_setansicolors provides some more details. The short story is these 16 colors form a conventional palette which terminal programs use when outputting text. You can set them to anything you want, but it's best to stick to the vague color descriptions below. term_setansicolors({buf}, {colors}) *term_setansicolors()* ...


I assume you aren't literally asking for a --start-terminal flag :) ...but you can specify a command for Vim to run after it starts up using the -c flag. So this should be as easy as vim -c ':term ++curwin' When I run it I am indeed in a terminal window on the shell command line and it's the only window open. Hopefully that covers what you're asking for.

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