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Most probably you have set spell enabled which usually checks spelling in comments. If you don't need it turn it off with :set nospell. Activate when you need it with :set spell. To toggle use :set spell!. Map it if you do it often, for example: nnoremap yos :set spell!<CR> Then yos will toggle spelling.


It possible now using 'fillchars' (from the help): item default Used for ... foldopen:c '-' mark the beginning of a fold foldclose:c '+' show a closed fold foldsep:c '|' open fold middle character For example, set fillchars+=foldopen:▾,foldsep:│,foldclose:▸


You can use :execute {expr1} to execute the string that results from the evaluation of {expr1} as an Ex command. execute "syn sync ...".s:funcrgx."..." in place of syn sync ...

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