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The format for :m[ove] is :[range]m[ove] {address} Where the range is the line or lines you want to move and the address is the target. Note that the moved line(s) will actually be placed on the line below the address. So you're looking for a range of "mark a" and an address of "the current line". You can find all the special names for ...


I have decided to adopt the following strategy. The output of $pwd from the projectx folder on one machine contains the words /mnt/c (standing for WSL on Windows), while the other does not. So, I defined in my .vimrc the following: let g:machine_run_on_wsl = system("pwd | grep -c '/mnt/c'") if g:machine_run_on_wsl == 1 set viminfo=%,<...


Turns out it's already answered on :help *fold-delete-marker: "zd" can be used to delete a fold defined by markers.

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