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As discussed in the comments, autocmd ExitPre ?* tabdo windo mkview should do it. The event VimLeavePre may be better. I confess I’m not sure why the pattern is ?* on this one. Also, don’t forget to augroup.


It possible now using 'fillchars' (from the help): item default Used for ... foldopen:c '-' mark the beginning of a fold foldclose:c '+' show a closed fold foldsep:c '|' open fold middle character For example, set fillchars+=foldopen:▾,foldsep:│,foldclose:▸


With the settings you have it should work. Press zM to close all folds. Note if you press za on def main it would not toggle the fold -- it doesn't exist on that line. Put your cursor on indented line and press za there PS Make sure you have matching shiftwidth to your actual indent.


EDIT You also need to add the following line to your vimrc: filetype plugin indent on See :h :filetype-plugin-on and :h :filetype-indent-on this command enable the filetype detection and the loading of the indent scripts which are necessary to have working folding. You can't set foldmethod directly from the vimrc, see :h 'fdm': 'foldmethod' 'fdm' string (...

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