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Solution Install a clipboard manager. For example, I use clipmenu. I start it whenever X is started by putting this CM_OWN_CLIPBOARD=1 clipmenud & in my ~/.xinitrc. Why Yours is a common misunderstanding when talking about X selections. From Arch Wiki: Clipboard: According to the selection protocols, nothing is copied until it is pasted. For example, ...


Another great use of indent-object: I believe dii or one of the other maps would do it here.


The substitute command can accept a range prefix. Without it, like: :s/foo/bar/g Will just substitute on the current (cursor) line. :%s/foo/bar/g Will substitute on the whole file. :5,10s/foo/bar/g Will substitute on lines 5 through 10, inclusive. When you visually highlight some text, there are two marks that are automatically updated, mark < denoting ...

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