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A programmatic approach: for mode in ['n', 'i'] for key in ['<up>', '<down>', '<left>', '<right>'] execute printf('%snoremap %s <nop>', mode, key) endfor endfor


filbranden’s answer is more general for acting on a range of lines when you’ve already done one command. Some alternatives, some general, some specific: record a macro: qq.jq and then @q followed by @@ to replay. But you can give a large count in this case; the macro will fail (and thus the counted macro) when it reaches the end of the file. It may stop at ...


Using Visual mode (in particular Blockwise Visual mode) seems to be a perfect solution for me, here. Since you're only replacing a single character, personally I'd go with Ctrl+V followed by the motion (such as G for the end of the buffer), then ri. That replaces a single character and doesn't go into Insert mode, so you don't need an <Esc> to leave it....

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