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Does Neovim support vimball plugins?

I'm trying to install the last version of netrw, which is distributed as a vimball file, but can't find the way of doing it in Neovim. So far I've tried: Unzip the file Run: :packadd vimball Inside ...
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visincr.vim compatibility with Neovim

In Vim 7.4, I used to effectively deploy the visincr.vim plugin for such a task. However, I have recently moved to neovim and this won't work anymore. The errors produced by :so % fills up the whole ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Uninstalling a plugin that was installed through a Vimball

I came across a plugin for vim and it comes in a .vmb file. Currently I use pathogen and it's quite simple I place the downloaded files into the bundle folder and it gets picked up automagically (in a ...
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How do I install a .vimball Plugin?

I was given a plugin for Vim. It came in something called a .vimball. What am I meant to do with this exactly? Where do I put it? Do I need to be root to install it?
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22 votes
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Why aren't Vimballs commonly used?

I have seen that a lot of Vim Plug-ins don't seem to have Vimballs. Vimballs were/are basically a tarball for a plugin that vim knows how to install. They were/are thus slightly more convenient that ...
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