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Can using Vim-plug and Vundle together cause any issues in downloaded plugins?

I am completely new to vim and have to download few plugins. I had initially downloaded some using Vundle and now want to get more using vim-plug. I fear this may cause (version?) issues if I happen ...
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vim-latex installation issues

This is a copy of a question from TeX stackexchange which in hindsight is likely more relevant here. I have attempted to install vim-latex (Latex-suite) with Pathogen, though I seem to have (at least ...
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Why can't YCM be loaded automatically

I'm configuring a vim environment with YCM. I'm using the Vundle to manage the vim plugins and here is my .vimrc: set nocompatible filetype off set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim call vundle#begin() ...
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Where (and how) should plugin generated files be kept

I am making a plugin, and it needs to create files and store them and read them back later. Is there a standard folder to do this? If yes, what's that folder and how to get the path for it in the ...
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Vim-plugin error which goes away when using sudo

After resisting for a bit, I decided to try the plugin manager vim-plug. It seemed to work well when installing the GhostText plugin, except that I had to do the installation in a sudo nvim session, ...
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How to manually install pangloss JavaScript plugin?

If possible, I would prefer to not start using a package manager for now. I'm trying to manually install this plugin for editing JS files: I have looked ...
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Dein options to only load plugin if dependent program found

I'm trying to set up Dein to load the gen_tags plugin. However, if Universal/Exuberant Ctags or GNU Global aren't found on the path, I get the following error message when trying to start nvim: ...
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How to update plugins in Neobundle

I use NeoBundle for plugin manager but I am not sure how to update plugins. Do I have to update one by one? Or there any command to update plugins?
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Why should I use a plugin manager

Hi I am relatively new to vim. I am fairly familiar with setting up my vimrc, installing colorschemes, and I have included a python file type plugin in my ~/.vim/ftplugin. My question is as follows: ...
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Why should I use either dein.vim or vim-plug? [duplicate]

I want to install a plugin manager for vim, and after searching a bit, I saw that plugin managers for vim have evolved since last time I used one (e.g. neobundle is discontinued, etc.); and I also ...'s user avatar
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When should I use vim-addon-manager instead of a regular package manager?

On Debian based systems, there is a package named vim-addon-manager. My understanding is that it allows to install some plugins based on a repository of available plugins. To be able to install them, ...
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Using vim-addon-manager

I just downloaded and installed vim-addon-manager using sudo apt-get install. I'm not sure what to do next, I entered vim-addon-manager at the bash prompt (Ubuntu 14.04). Here is the output: ~$ vim-...
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What plugin manager allows installing plugins from tags

I am searching for a plugin manager that has the option to install specific plugins only from tags on GitHub. I don't want to need to specify the tag. I want it to automatically use the newest tag. ...
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Pathogen won't load nerdtree or other bundles [closed]

How to troubleshoot pathogen? Using Mac OSX El Capitan. Vim 7.4 MacOS X version, not MacVim. Running from terminal. I can run nerdtree as a plugin, but won't work with pathogen. Same case with other ...
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Prevent 'Press ENTER' when pathogen loads but keep for other scripts

I have pathogen setup however when it finishes loading I have to press the Enter key as shown in this screen shot. Is there a way how to disable the 'Press Enter or type command to continue' prompt ...
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Why aren't Vimballs commonly used?

I have seen that a lot of Vim Plug-ins don't seem to have Vimballs. Vimballs were/are basically a tarball for a plugin that vim knows how to install. They were/are thus slightly more convenient that ...
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What are the differences between the Vim plugin managers?

I have been looking at the different package managers for Vim, and the one I decided to use is vim-plug. However, I have seen others like pathogen and vundle, and I honestly don't know what the ...
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What makes a plugin Vundle compatible and are other plugin managers interchangeable?

For a long time now I've been using Vundle to manage my vim plugins. As best I can make out this basically just organizes plugins in an isolated directory structure and keeps track of updating them ...
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