I came across a plugin for vim and it comes in a .vmb file. Currently I use pathogen and it's quite simple I place the downloaded files into the bundle folder and it gets picked up automagically (in a sense). I am not sure about a vmb based plugin. So far in order to install it I found this regarding installing a .vmb plugin

The easiest way to install SuperTab is to grab the file supertab.vmb (which is an archive called a “vimball”) and place it into your “~/.vim/bundle” directory. Then open it in Vim and source the file:

vim supertab.vmb :so %

My question is how would I go about deleting this plugin if i did not want it?

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Use the :RmVimball command. From :help :RmVimball

REMOVING A VIMBALL                      :RmVimball

        :RmVimball vimballfile [path]

    This command removes all files generated by the specified vimball
    (but not any directories it may have made).  One may choose a path
    for de-installation, too (see 'runtimepath'); otherwise, the
    default is the first existing directory on the 'runtimepath'.
    To implement this, a file (.VimballRecord) is made in that directory
    containing a record of what files need to be removed for all vimballs
    used thus far.

Note that you an also install it to a specific path with :UseVimball


        :UseVimball [path]

    This command is contained within the vimball itself; it invokes the
    vimball#Vimball() routine which is responsible for unpacking the
    vimball.  One may choose to execute it by hand instead of sourcing
    the vimball; one may also choose to specify a path for the
    installation, thereby overriding the automatic choice of the first
    existing directory on the 'runtimepath'.

So if you want to install a vimball to ~/.vim/bundle/plugin so it will be loaded with pathogen instead of ~/.vim you can use this.

  • Thanks for the post , I got a little confused here .Say If I want to load a vimball with pathogen do I use the UseVimball command ? so place the vimball (say xyz.vmb) in ~/vim/bundle/plugin and then do a :UseVimball xyz ? Aug 11, 2016 at 15:48
  • See :help g:vimball_home.
    – romainl
    Aug 11, 2016 at 15:59
  • @JamesFranco Say If I want to load a vimball with pathogen do I -- check the entry What about Vimballs?at pathogen FAQ
    – mMontu
    Aug 11, 2016 at 16:01

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