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How to map Enter, Ctrl-Enter and Shift-Enter in Neovim (nvim-cmp)?

According to this My Kitty conf map shift+enter send_text all \x1b[13;2u map ctrl+enter send_text all \x1b[13;5u According to this My Tmux conf bind -n S-Enter send-keys Escape "[13;2u" ...
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vim xterm-kitty problem

Using Vim with Kitty , the client area redraw doesn't work when I resize the window; in this context set term returns term=xterm-kitty. However, starting Vim with vim -T kitty the redrawing of the ...
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Unable to map C-/ in visual mode with Neovim and kitty

I am unable to map <C-/> in Neovim. In particular, it does not work for visual mode. I have created the mappings below: vim.keymap.set('i', '<C-/>', '<Esc>:Commentary<CR>') ...
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Prevent terminal background from leaking through

A black or dark gray background seems to leak into my Vim instance on cells where there are no characters. Is there any way to prevent this, and to use the color scheme background instead, other than ...
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