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How to map Enter, Ctrl-Enter and Shift-Enter in Neovim (nvim-cmp)?

According to this My Kitty conf map shift+enter send_text all \x1b[13;2u map ctrl+enter send_text all \x1b[13;5u According to this My Tmux conf bind -n S-Enter send-keys Escape "[13;2u" ...
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How to use OmniSharp C# LSP with Mason in nvim properly?

I have installed the fomlowing plugins: mason.nvim mason-lspconfig.nvim nvim-lspconfig nvim-cmp cmp-nvim-lsp (I may have forgeotten to include something, but in any way I can use LSP with this setup ...
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How to set `cmp-zsh` completion source for `:!` commands (`nvim-cmp` stuff)?

I have next setup for nvim-cmp cmdline : completion: cmp.setup.cmdline(':', { mapping = cmp.mapping.preset.cmdline(), sources = cmp.config.sources({ -- { name = 'path' }, { ...
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