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A completion plugin for neovim coded in Lua

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How to make lua_ls provide completion for luasnip methods?

I am using luasnip in Neovim and I'm having problems getting lua_ls to provide information about the functions. local ls = require("luasnip") local s = ls.snippet Basically, I want when ...
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How to map Enter, Ctrl-Enter and Shift-Enter in Neovim (nvim-cmp)?

According to this My Kitty conf map shift+enter send_text all \x1b[13;2u map ctrl+enter send_text all \x1b[13;5u According to this My Tmux conf bind -n S-Enter send-keys Escape "[13;2u" ...
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input with completion in times of lua (nvim-cmp ?)

let user_dir = input('Enter a directory: ', '', 'dir') This is simple not working for me. When I press <tab> instead of completion, I get ^I . I use nvim-cmp. Could it be the reason? Can I use ...
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jump to definition goes to import statement rather than actual file defintion

Here is my nvim setup: local capabilities = require('cmp_nvim_lsp').update_capabilities(vim.lsp.protocol.make_client_capabilities()) local lspconfig = require('lspconfig') local servers = { '...
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How to set up LuaSnip in NeoVim w/LSP-Zero?

I'm trying to enable snippets in my auto-completion but they are only working for lua files and nothing else. I ve been messing around with nvim-cmp and luasnip itself and even downloaded friendly ...
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Error: ...cker/start/lsp-zero.nvim/lua/lsp-zero/nvim-cmp-setup.lua:12: attempt to index field 'SelectBehavior' (a nil value)

I'm getting: Error detected while processing /Users/dstromberg/.vim/init.lua: E5113: Error while calling lua chunk: ...cker/start/lsp-zero.nvim/lua/lsp-zero/nvim-cmp-setup.lua:12: attempt to index ...
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How to improve CMP performance?

nvim-cmp + Tailwind LSP lags the crap out of the editor when typing HTML class names. I understand this must be because Tailwind's suggestions come in large quantities. But is there a way to improve ...
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nvim: How do I insert a luasnip for BufNewFile "_skel"

I am using nvim-cmp and luasnips and I have a _skel snippet, I would like to create an autocmd to trigger this snippet for New Files: I already have some code: local status_ok, packer = pcall(require, ...
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