Kitty has configuration like opening a url in browser when it is clicked and copying text selected with a mouse to clipboard automatically. This works on Vim but does not work in Neovim.

How can these features of kitty be used in Neovim?

NVIM v0.9.5

kitty 0.31.0

VIM - Vi IMproved 9.1 (2024 Jan 02, compiled Mar 05 2024 22:43:21)
Compiled by Arch Linux

Kernel: 6.1.85-1-MANJARO
  • gx opens url in browser and is better than clicking with mouse. source. For context about automatically copying to clipboard, I really like the ability of not copying every yank to os clipboard. set clipboard+=unnamedplus copies everything to clipboard all the time.
    – rkochar
    Commented Apr 30 at 10:18

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Ok so first things first, these aren't "kitty features", these are x11/wayland features where you can copy text by highlighting and paste by middle mouse clicking.

Second of all, nvim sets mouse=a by default. You have a few options here, turn mouse support off, set mouse to r instead to allow copy and pasting via mouse, or hold shift while highlighting so you can still copy and paste.

  • gx is better than holding shift because it does not require a mouse.
    – rkochar
    Commented May 5 at 14:44

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