How to search for continuation line, as detected by c-indent in vim ? ie. the +N cinoption.

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Vim's source code has a section dedicated to do this, and it's a lot more complicated than a simple regex. Here's a link to the neovim file that does this.

This leaves you with 2 options:

  1. Write your own regex to do a "close enough" guess job
  2. If you're using the +N option and can define continuation lines as lines that are indented N spaces more than the line before. You can use a regex to find these lines:

    \v^( +)\S.*\n\1    \zs\S
    \v                       "very magic mode" so we don't have to escape too many things
      ^                      start of a line
       ( +)                  all the spaces, captured in group 1
           \S                a non-space character
             .*              the rest of this line
               \n            newline
                 \1          the same number of spaces again
                       \zs   N extra spaces, then start the match
                          \S a non-space

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