How to search for line containing unclosed parenthesis.


works only for non-nested parenthesis.

If the closing parenthesis is present in the next lines, it should still be a match.

for example :

foo( bar, bar
     bar, bar );

should be a match.


It is hard to match balanced parentheses with regular expressions, but fortunately, Vim has built-in motions for ( and {. See :help [( and :help [{.

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  • sadly, there is no way to limit the range of [(, as i am looking for unclosed parenthesis in the range of one line, updated my question to make more obvious. – Mathieu Westphal May 15 '15 at 13:51

Done it myself

function Unclosed(pattern, pattern2)

    " Store current pos
    let l:matchpos = getpos('.')

    " Initialize return
    let l:ret = 0 

    " Search Pattern, no wrap
    while search(a:pattern, "W", "", "") > 0 

        " Search for pair only in current line
        if eval(searchpair(a:pattern, '', a:pattern2, '', '', line(".")))

        " found store position and line
        let l:matchpos = getpos('.')
        let l:ret = line(".")

    " Set cursor to position and return
    call setpos('.', l:matchpos)
    return l:ret
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