I have a full lua config on my Neovim setup.
It seems we can't have both init.vim and init.lua on the same setup.

I am trying to setup fugitive-gitlab.vim, but it provides vimscript instructions.
Both fugitive-gitlab and fugitive are successfully installed via Lazy.nvim.

When configuring as per the installation instructions here:

let g:fugitive_gitlab_domains = {'ssh://my-ssh.gitlab.com': 'https://my.gitlab.com'}

I tried to translate that to the following lua function:

function ConfigGitlab()
    vim.g.fugitive_gitlab_domains['ssh://[email protected]:121112'] = 'https://gitlab.company.com:3344'

But when I call this, I get:

Error detected while processing /Users/v4g4x/.config/nvim/init.lua:
E5113: Error while calling lua chunk: /Users/v4g4x/.config/nvim/lua/core/gitlab.lua:3: attempt to index field 'fugitive_gitlab_domains' (a nil value)

Clearly, I'm not converting from Vimscript to Lua correctly. Any help on how this may be done?


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In general to convert init.vim into init.lua the nvim-lua-guide helps or directly from the Neovim documentation Lua-guide page.

But of course some knowledge of Lua too :-)

I would do:

vim.g.fugitive_gitlab_domains = { ['ssh://[email protected]:121112'] = 'https://gitlab.company.com:3344'

Remark: In general a dictionary in Lua is defined like:

mydict = { mykey1 = myvalue1, mykey2 = myvalue2}


name2age = { foo = 42, bar = 84 }

But when the keys are not identifiers you have to rely on the following syntax:

mydict = { ['my key 1'] = myvalue2, ['my key 2'] = myvalue2}
  • Yup, this worked! Thanks a lot! Mar 11 at 15:35
  • Welcome to Vim :-) Thanks for the feedback! Mar 11 at 15:59

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