Trying to set up a new VM, I copied over my dotfiles and they weren't working. I've reduced my init.lua to something very simple. All it has is,

vim.opt.tabstop = 2

Yet, when I start up vim, nothing happens. Tabstop isn't set. I get no error nor warning. Moreover, if I try to set it with

:luado("vim.opt.tabstop = 2")

I get,

E5109: Error while creating lua chunk: [string ""]:1: syntax err or near 'end'

And if I try to run init.lua again,

E5112: Error while creating lua chunk: /home/user/.config/nvim/init.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '<ef>'

Any idea on what the problem is here, and how to fix it?

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Requires Neovim 0.5 or newer

I was trying to run init.lua on the Neovim in Debian Bullseye, which at this time is v0.4.4. The Neovim in Debian Bookworm is 0.7.2. I didn't realize this VM I set up was on Buster and not Bookworm.

The patch to add support for init.lua went in Dec 1, 2020, while Debian Buster had the soft-freeze at 2019-02-12

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