I have installed the fomlowing plugins:

  • mason.nvim
  • mason-lspconfig.nvim
  • nvim-lspconfig
  • nvim-cmp
  • cmp-nvim-lsp

(I may have forgeotten to include something, but in any way I can use LSP with this setup with lua_ls for lua)

The problem is the following: I have installed omnisharp with mason.nvim, and loaded it. Its :h lspconfig-all says next:

https://github.com/omnisharp/omnisharp-roslyn OmniSharp server based on Roslyn workspaces omnisharp-roslyn can be installed by downloading and extracting a release from here. OmniSharp can also be built from source by following the instructions here. OmniSharp requires the dotnet-sdk to be installed. By default, omnisharp-roslyn doesn’t have a cmd set. This is because nvim-lspconfig does not make assumptions about your path. You must add the following to your init.vim or init.lua to set cmd to the absolute path ($HOME and ~ are not expanded) of the unzipped run script or binary. For go_to_definition to work fully, extended textDocument/definition handler is needed, for example see omnisharp-extended-lsp.nvim

I have the following omnisharp import:

lspconfig.omnisharp.setup {
    capabilities = capabilities,
    cmd = { "dotnet", "/Users/vladyslav/.local/share/nvim/mason/packages/omnisharp/libexec/OmniSharp.dll"},

When I open the .cs file, I get no completion. The :LspInfo says:

enter image description here

Project structure:

➜  Lab3.6_v1.0 tree -L 1
├── LaTeX
├── assemblyinfo.cs
├── delivery.txt
├── part.txt
├── program.cs
├── project.txt
├── report.pdf
├── supplier.txt
└── wnd.cs

2 directories, 8 files

Why I get no omnisharp completion? I managed the lua_ls and clangd to work for easy, so I am sure this is not a config issue, it have to be related to the way lspconfig.omnisharp.setup is called. Am I using the omnisharp wrong here?

My entire config in this state can be found here: https://github.com/Dolfost/dotfiles/tree/neovim/omnisharp-issue/nvim

13/01/23 Update

I found out that the problem is in the rood_dir detection. Next setup for omnisharp LSP is working but is too basic. It just takes current working directory as project root:

            lspconfig.omnisharp.setup {
                capabilities = capabilities,
                cmd = { "dotnet", vim.fn.stdpath "data" .. "/mason/packages/omnisharp/libexec/OmniSharp.dll" },
                enable_import_completion = true,
                organize_imports_on_format = true,
                enable_roslyn_analyzers = true,
                root_dir = function ()
                    return vim.loop.cwd() -- current working directory

Any suggestions to improve this function are welcome.

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    I'm personally using vim-rooter to ensure the Vim current working directory is the project root (vim-rooter can be configured to search for special file like .gitignore or special subfolder like .git to find the root) Commented Jan 13 at 8:38


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