I just installed neovim. But I not sure how to auto indent bash code. I have vim configured so that it can autoindent code. My ~/.vimrc has the following code. But it seems that they will not be loaded with neovim.

fun BenIndent()
  let oldLine=line('.')
  normal gg=G
  execute ':' . oldLine
map -- :call BenIndent()<CR>

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Neovim doesn't use the location ~/.vimrc for its configuration file. Try moving, copying, or symlinking your file to the location:

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    – 3N4N
    Mar 6, 2018 at 9:50

I think you should use the function as below:

function! BenIndent()
  let oldLine=line('.')
  normal! gg=G
  execute ':' . oldLine
nnoremap -- :call BenIndent()<CR>

Should work now I think.

Here's what I changed from your function:

fun -> function! BenIndent()  " I've just always known functions to be declared this way, I may be wrong
  let oldLine=line('.')
  normal -> normal! gg=G      " the ! sign tells vim to not remap the provided keys, e.g. if you map g to :q then vim would quit when indenting!
  execute ':' . oldLine
endfun -> endfunction         " just my convention
map -> nnoremap -- :call BenIndent()<CR> " noremap tells vim not to use remapped keys and n is for mapping in normal mode only, if you want in other modes change n with v, i or c etc.

prefix of -> is your code and suffix is mine.

  • I would reformat/reword this to highlight what you actually changed (i.e. fun -> function and map -> nnoremap. Your answer would also be better if you explained why these changes are necessary/good. Mar 5, 2018 at 7:32

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