I am trying to map <A-b> to <C-left> in insert mode in neovim. When I press <A-b> it just inserts the character 0, but when I start neovim with --clean (so all configurations are ignored), it works as expected, and the cursor moves one word backwards. I use alacritty, but it was the same in other terminals like kitty too. This is what I use to remap: vim.keymap.set('i', '<A-b>', '<C-left>'). Output of :verbose map <A-b> is No mapping found. It's the same even if I set the keybind with :inoremap <A-b> <C-left> inside neovim after everything has loaded.

Edit: There was a conflict with the auto-pairs plugin. After I disabled it, the keybinding worked as it should.

  • Could you tell us what is the result of the following command: :verbose map <A-b>? Mar 5, 2023 at 21:08
  • Could you tell us which command do you use to map <A-b>? Mar 5, 2023 at 21:09

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It seems that your mapping is in conflict with a plugin mapping.

You can try two things

  1. Make sure your mapping is not remapped
  2. Verify that your mapping is not overriden
:verbose map <A-b>


If you map <A-b> to <C-left> with:

imap <A-b> <C-left>

But that <C-left> is mapped by a plugin to 0 then <A-b> is mapped to 0.

The solution could be to use inoremap instead

inoremap <A-b> <C-left>


If you map in .vimrc your mapping can be overridden by a plugin code that is executed later.

You can analyze the situation with the following command:

verbose map <A-b>

If your mapping is overridden you could use the following command to make your mapping win:

augroup mymapping
  autocmd VimEnter * inoremap <A-b> <C-left>
augroup END

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