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3 answers

wrap a long line with specific format

I have a problem with breaking long line in markdown file. Given the following line * "fo" : You can use the 'formatoptions' option to influence how Vim formats text. 'formatoptions' is a string ...
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2 votes
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Markdown toc disappears on save since I installed ALE linter

I am using the markdown extension plasticboy/vim-markdown to navigate inside large markdown files: " :Toc : create a quickfix vertical window navigable table of contents with the headers." Since I ...
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How to disown a process opened by plugin? (vim-rmarkdown)

as I said in the title I'm talking about vim-rmarkdown, I have this in my init.vim (I'm using neovim) to compile the .rmd file to a pdf. autocmd Filetype rmd nnoremap <F5> :w<Space><...
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