I would like to set the working directory for the process started with job_start().

The only way I know how to do this is to change Vim's current working directory before calling job_start(), and then change it back to what it was. That is a little bit of a hack, and I am afraid it could cause problems for some people. Does anyone know a better way?


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In Build-Tool-Wrapper, I've used sh -c to actually run cd compdir && make args:

" the a:cmd is managed elsewhere in the plugin
" it may contain many things, usually things like 
"    `cd build/dir && make tgt -j 8 2>&1 | gSTLfilt.pl`
if lh#os#OnDOSWindows() && &shell =~ 'cmd'
  let cmd = &shell . ' /C '.a:cmd
  let cmd = ['sh', '-c', a:cmd]
let job = job_start(cmd,
      \ {
      \   'close_cb': ('CloseCB')
      \ , 'callback': ('CallbackCB')
      \ })


I haven't fully tested it yet on windows though.

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