Running :h ctrl-\ in Vim opens the subsection about the mapping of Ctrl-\e in Cmdline mode to evaluate an expression and to replace the command line with the result.

Is Ctrl-\ used for something in other modes too? (I couldn't find anything about this) Even if it is, why is key sequence to evaluate an expression in Cmdline mode not simply Ctrl-\? Are there other key mappings starting with Ctrl-\ in Cmdline mode? Will there be problems if I do cnoremap <C-\> <C-\>e?

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:help CTRL-\Ctrl+D will show you all the help topics that contain CTRL-\. As you can see, there are a number of default keybindings that use CTRL-\.

As to whether that will cause problems, well that depends on your definition of problem. :) Do you want to be able to use any of those other commands? If not, then it shouldn't cause a problem.

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    Indeed, there are two other (strange to use) combinations: c_CTRL-\ CTRL-N and c_CTRL-\ CTRL-G.
    – Alexey
    Oct 31, 2015 at 14:41

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