I recently made a bunch of changes to my vim configs and I later noticed that the enter/<CR> behavior on normal mode has changed. I used to be able to select and execute a line in the command line window (:q) by selecting it and hitting enter. I believe this to be the default behavior.

But now, when I hit enter, it instead scrolls down by half a screen in both the command window and other buffer windows. I checked my key mappings (:map, :nmap, :nnoremap, etc) but I couldn't find anything setting a mapping for <CR> in normal or any other mode.

How can I figure out what is going on and restore the default behavior?

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Ok, I think I figured it out. With the help of vim --clean and :h CR I was able to verify that my old behavior is indeed what the default is. In :h CR I noticed that C-M by default maps to the same behavior. And I recently remapped C-M to scroll a have page. So I deleted that mapping and indeed, I got my default behavior back.

I just need to figure out now how I can remap C-M without also changing CR behavior.


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