I use Neovim 0.8.3 with LazyVim setup.

In my setup, line movement commands such as j and k move cursor from one displayed line to another displayed line. I checked the mapping of these letters with verbose:

:verbose nmap j
n  j           * v:count == 0 ? 'gj' : 'j'
    Last set from Lua

The response shows that indeed j letter has been mapped to gj. I want to disable this mapping. How can I disable that mapping? I tried the following which didn't have any effect:

nnoremap j j

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Unfortunately it seems not configurable.

It is defined in nvim-data/nvim-data/lazy/LazyVim/lua/lazyvim/config/keymaps.lua on line 17.

But you can override it by changing: nvim/lua/config/keymaps.lua

vim.keymap.set("n", "j", "j", { silent = true })

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