I have a mapping set by a plugin that I want to unmap, which is the sequence "cop". The mapping is defined in unimpaired plugin: nnoremap cop <Nop>.

If I do

:map cop
n  cop         * <Nop>

So the mapping is there.

But I fail to detect it in my script (I don't want nunmap , because maparg("cop", "n") returns an empty string:

:echo empty(maparg("cop", "n"))

However, maparg("cop", "n", 0, 1) returns:

{'silent': 0, 'noremap': 1, 'lhs': 'cop', 'mode': 'n', 'nowait': 0, 'expr': 0, 'sid': 34, 'rhs': '<Nop>', 'buffer': 0}     

Why does the first maparg returns an empty string, and how to detect if the mapping is present?

(Vim 8.0.1453)

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    I could not reproduce this in Vim 8.1.1004. Might be fixed in between. Maybe this issue fixed by this commit.
    – Ralf
    Mar 15, 2019 at 10:30

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Thanks to @Ralf comment, upgrading to Vim 8.1 solved the issue

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