Regardless of which code completion plugin I use (I tried asyncomplete and YouCompleteMe), when there's a completion pop-up, up and down arrow keys select completion options in it instead of moving the cursor. How do I disable this behavior? For me, tab is enough to cycle through completions.

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Remap <up> key to close popup menu and move cursor up when popup menu is visible:

inoremap <expr> <up> pumvisible() ? '<c-e><up>' : '<up>'

:h :map-expression
:h complete_CTRL-E
:h pumvisible()

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    Thanks. I replaced <c-e> with <c-y> to insert the selected completion (my question was probably poorly phrased), works like a charm. <c-e> reverts the line to "what you typed" state regardless of whether there was a selected completion.
    – Grishka
    Dec 6, 2019 at 0:13

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