Basically my question is this. On my terminal I have vi mode enable. It saves me lots of time editing command line arguments and zooming throught the file system. I would like to have a similar mode enabled in the vim command mode. Chief reason being is regular expressions for my code. s/ / / commands can get quite tedious and having a vi-like mode for editing commands would be awesome.

Also if this is not a recommended modifcation, does anyone have recommendations for plugins which make s/ / / usage more speedy and efficient?

Thanks for your help

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you can press ctrl-f after : to get access to the commands (same for /)

or you can enter cmd-mode with q:

  • You can change the default mapping of <c-f> by setting 'cedit'. See :h 'cedit' for more help. Nov 27, 2017 at 19:03

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