I use {/} a lot for navigating around, but when I do this I never intend to open a fold and jump to blank lines within the fold.

How can I nremap { and } to skip over folds?

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Thanks to @romainl for this answer on super user. I couldn't have written this without their help!

You can use the foldopen option to determine which set of motions will or won't open a fold. From :h 'foldopen'

                        *'foldopen'* *'fdo'*
'foldopen' 'fdo'    string (default: "block,hor,mark,percent,quickfix,
            {not in Vi}
            {not available when compiled without the |+folding|
    Specifies for which type of commands folds will be opened, if the
    command moves the cursor into a closed fold.  It is a comma separated
    list of items.
    NOTE: When the command is part of a mapping this option is not used.
    Add the |zv| command to the mapping to get the same effect.
    (rationale: the mapping may want to control opening folds itself)

As for which values are allowed, and which commands they affect, refer to this table:

item        commands ~
all         any
block       "(", "{", "[[", "[{", etc.
hor         horizontal movements: "l", "w", "fx", etc.
insert      any command in Insert mode
jump        far jumps: "G", "gg", etc.
mark        jumping to a mark: "'m", CTRL-O, etc.
percent     "%"
quickfix    ":cn", ":crew", ":make", etc.
search      search for a pattern: "/", "n", "*", "gd", etc.
                (not for a search pattern in a ":" command)
                Also for |[s| and |]s|.
tag         jumping to a tag: ":ta", CTRL-T, etc.
undo        undo or redo: "u" and CTRL-R

As you can see, the { and } motions are in block, so if you run:

:set foldopen-=block

that should fix it for you.


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