If I navigate the first line of a folded function with h,l, etc it will open the fold. Navigating search matches with n will also open a fold if there is a match inside the fold.

Can you configure folds to only open when you explicitly open them with z commands?

  • No. You can't. Vim handling of folds if utterly broken. Even if you set foldopen= there's bunch of keys that will "nicely" open the fold for you. For example c-o in insert mode when on the folded line.
    – Slava
    Commented Oct 11, 2021 at 8:28

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You can set the 'foldopen' option to control which commands or movements will open folds.

The specific cases you mentioned:

  • h or l: these are horizontal movements, controlled by the hor setting.
  • search or n: these are controlled by the search setting.

So you might want to remove these two specific cases, which you can do with:

set foldopen-=hor foldopen-=search

Or maybe you want to disable all of them and just set 'foldopen' to be empty:

set foldopen=

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