I've switched from NeoComplete to YouCompleteMe because it has much better intellisense, though I had NeoComplete working much better with Omnicompletion.

NeoComplete was able to automatically provide a popup with the right completions without me having to enter a specific mapping (<C-x><C-v> for Vim commands, <C-x><C-d> for directories, etc.). If I typed colorscheme for example, it would provide completions for all my schemes.

How can I get YouCompleteMe to do the same? At the moment, it overrides the <C-x><C-u> command, but if I want Vimscript or directory completion I have to enter the default key bindings.

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Ycm can cooperate with Shougo/neco-vim

autocmd FileType vim setlocal omnifunc=te#complete#vim_complete

function! te#complete#vim_complete( findstart, base ) abort
   let line_prefix = s:get_input()
   if a:findstart
   let ret = necovim#get_complete_position( line_prefix )
   if ret < 0
    return col( '.' ) " default to current
   return ret
   return necovim#gather_candidates( line_prefix . a:base, a:base )

My vim config: t-vim


Based on tracyone's vim configuration I have created a fork of necovim that automatically registers as vim omnifunc. Just add the plugin with your favorite vim plugin manager and it will work out of the box with YouCompleteMe.

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