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Map comma in select mode to exit select mode, enter insert mode, append a comma

Is it possible to remap comma in select mode to exit select mode, enter insert mode, [optionally: go the end of the last selection (which the cursor seems to be for ultisnips)] and append a comma? ...
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Is it possible to execute keys/commands in select mode?

By keys I mean like being Normal mode and pressing e (takes you to end of [next] word), by commands I mean like being in Normal mode and pressing Shift+; and typing :delete. For example: after ...
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How do I select till the end of a word?

How do I select words with Ctrl+Shift+Right and Ctrl+Shift+Left, like in other editors? I tried with: set keymodel=startsel,stopsel set selectmode+=key but it selects till the beginning of the next ...
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How to perform an action on search matches?

How can I visually select all text highlighted by a search in order to run a command on it? And if it's possible, how can I capitalize the selection?
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Why is `vmap` for both Visual *and* Select mode?

Vim has both Visual and Select modes. Select mode is similar to Visual mode in some senses, but different in that when a printable character is typed, Vim will replace the selection with that ...
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How not to let text in selection mode go to registers

I am using nvim-qt on Windows and I have set up the clipboard option: set clipboard=unnamedplus I found that text in Select mode will go to the +, * and " register after I start to type the ...
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