Update: It is possible with '<,'>source.

I figured it out right after writing this question, no need for the complicated workaround. I am gonna still let this question here and not delete it, maybe this will help someone out :)


Is it possible to select the VimL part and execute it somehow?


random.txt file:

this is just a random text file
for example here are my notes
hello world

My VimL:
for i in range(3)
    echo i

some more useless text
end of this useless file

Note: This is just a text file, not a vim file

My Idea

This is a workaround that works, but isn't too fancy:

'<,'>w! /tmp/%:t.vim | source /tmp/%:t.vim


  • '<,'>: Is the selected text as a range
  • w!: write command with ! to overwrite in case file exists already
  • /tmp/%:t: This is probably the most complicated thing, but here it is broken down:
  • /tmp: dir to write the file into
  • %:t: takes the current filename, but only the tail (/home/user/Downloads/random.txt -> random.txt)
  • .vim: add a .vim extension. Not needed, but makes it more clear
  • source /tmp/%:t.vim: finally source the temporary file

Thank you for your help :)

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Very simple command that works:



  • '<,'>: that is the range. See this or :help '<
  • source: that is the ex-command to run VimL / Vimscript

Simple way:

  • Select text you want to run
  • Press : in normal mode
  • Type source or so for short

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