I have a hotkey that runs python of the first buffer when I press F8 and outputs the outputs to the bottom.

However, this hotkey does not work when I switch buffers... it only works when I am on the first buffer.. Why would this be the case?

nnoremap <buffer> <F8> :! python3 #1<cr>

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The modifier <buffer> means the mapping is only effective for the buffer in which the command was run.

This is heavily used in ftplugins to create local mappings; e.g., you might want F8 to run :!python3 % in python buffers but :make in C buffers. You can make a single function that does this and bind it globally, but then you have to keep updating the function for new filetypes you work with.

Instead, bind F8 with a <buffer> mapping in the relevant ftplugins. Then each new filetype gets its own binding, and the binding is located with all the other file-type specific settings.


Ok... removing <buffer> seems to do the trick... I am not sure I had it there in the first place...(I copied it from a code snippet)

nnoremap <F8> :! python3 #1<cr>

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