I am trying to set up my Neovim (nightly - latest) with Go (the programming language).

However, it doesn't seem to be working, most likely because I'm missing something. I'm not sure what though.

Right now, when I open a Go file, at the bottom of Vim, I get a message saying:

Autostart for gopls failed: matching root directory not detected.

With the Go file still open, if I run :LspInfo I get:

screenshot of LspInfo


  1. vimrc
  2. zprofile
  3. completion.lua (has cmp and lspconfig)

What am I missing? Why am I not getting auto-complete, go to definition, find references ...etc (the usual LSP stuff).

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It turns out, the buffer doesn't get attached unless I have a .git folder in the project root directory, or a go.mod file.

I didn't have those, I just had a main.go.

  • appreciate you following up on this! Had the same issue tonight. Cheers! Feb 4 at 6:42
  • You’re welcome :)
    – J86
    Feb 4 at 9:37

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