Please consider these 3 small functions:

" place sign >> at line 10
function PlaceSign()
  call sign_define('a', {'text': '>>', 'texthl': 'LineNr'})
  call sign_place(10, 'g1', 'a', expand('%'), {'lnum' : 10})

" echo the character typed by the user and clear sign
function EchoChar()
  let l:c = nr2char(getchar())
  echo l:c
  call sign_unplace('g1')

" run both functions above one after the other
function PlaceEcho()
  call PlaceSign()
  call EchoChar()

  • If I run :call PlaceSign() the result is as expected, it places sign '>>' at line 10
  • If I run :call EchoChar() it waits for the user input, then it echoes, and then clears sign

Now the problem:

  • If I run :call PlaceEcho() it waits for the user input, then it echoes, without running PlaceSign() first and I cannot understand why. The expected result would be: place sign at line 10, echo user typed character, clear sign. No idea why this is not happening.

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Vim doesn't like updating Screen too often.

function PlaceEcho()
    call PlaceSign()
    call EchoChar()
  • Yup, that was it, thank you!
    – skamsie
    Dec 13, 2020 at 14:08

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