I've set hlsearch.

When I type :normal! n, the target text is highlighted.

But when I put normal! n in a function(Search) and call that function(:call Search()), the highlight doesn't take effect? How could I solve this problem? Any help would be appreciated!

function! Search()
    normal! n

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The search highlight status is actually isolated from a function call, so you can't really re-enable it (or disable it) from inside a function.

See :help function-search-undo:

The last used search pattern and the redo command "." will not be changed by the function. This also implies that the effect of :nohlsearch is undone when the function returns.

And :help :nohlsearch includes:

This command doesn't work in an autocommand, because the highlighting state is saved and restored when executing autocommands. Same thing for when invoking a user function.

While the help mostly covers clearing the highlighting (with the :nohlsearch command), the same is true for turning highlighting on when using a search command or the n normal mode command.

Your best bet is to try to move the search command out of the function so it happens in a context where search highlighting will not be undone. For example, if you're calling the function from a mapping, consider using an <expr> mapping and returning "n" from the mapping, so that it actually executes outside of the function context and isn't affected by this behavior.

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