While editing my vimrc I noticed that some keywords get highlighted at the beginning of lines, like Note: and Reminder:. I tried to find this syntax group in the vim.vim syntax file, but to no avail. I also looked through all the :help files I could think of. Does anyone have a complete list of these handy keywords? Which syntax file are they located in?

This question references a similar type of keyword that might be in the same list, if these words are not limited to Vimscript:

How do I add syntax keywords globally for any filetype?

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If we look through :syn list we see some elements which are the same color as the highlighted words, in particular, vimCommentTitle. Using :syn list vimCommentTitle we see:

vimCommentTitle xxx match /"\s*\%([sS]:\|\h\w*#\)\=\u\w*\(\s\+\u\w*\)*:/hs=s+1  
contained contains=vimCommentTitleLeader,vimTodo,@vimCommentGroup
               links to PreProc

So the list of words is given by a regex, roughly:

  • Word:
  • s:Word:
  • S:Word:
  • He Llo World:
  • Hello#World:

and so on.

The purpose of this seems to be highlighting sections and function names in a vim script (although the pattern does not cover all possible function names). For example:

" Some Functions: {{{

" module#Function: this surely does something
fu! module#Function()

" s:Func2: this does something privately
fu! s:Func2()

" }}}
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    :echo synIDattr(synID(line('.'), col('.'), 1), 'name') is pretty useful to get the name of whatever is under the cursor (I have it as a command, since it's a bit hard to remember/type), then use :verbose hi <name> to find out where it was defined. Probably a bit easier than scanning through :syn list :-) Apr 11, 2020 at 17:06
  • These are both very helpful, it will make it much easier to tweak highlighting.
    – Norbert-op
    Apr 11, 2020 at 17:44

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