I have multiple tab pages. Some tab pages only have open files, some only have :terminals open, and some have a mix of files and terminals.

At the end of the day, I want to quit Vim. Normally, I go through every tab page and close every window manually. But is there a better way? I tried :wqa, but that doesn't work because I have terminals running in some of my tab pages.


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You can use :qa! to force vim to exit:

:qa[ll]!    Exit Vim.  Any changes to buffers are lost.
        Also see |:cquit|, it does the same but exits with a non-zero

As :qa! doesn't save buffer, you should use :wqa before that.

:qa! can be dangerous, a half-way stopped terminal might leave you garbage files.

You can also use ls R to list running terminal buffers and load them with :b bufnr.

Here is a command to list all running terminal buffers and modified readonly buffers in a new tab :

com ListUndead ListBuffers R =+
com -nargs=+ ListBuffers call s:list_buffers(<f-args>)

function s:list_buffers(...) abort

  let bufs = {}

  for flags in a:000
    let l = split( execute( printf('ls! %s', flags) ), "\n" )
    let l = map(l, { i,v -> matchstr(v, '\v^\s*\zs\d+') })
    for buf in l
      let bufs[ buf ] = buf

  let first = 1
  for buf in keys(bufs)
    if first
      exe 'tab sbuffer' buf
      let first = 0
      exe 'sbuffer' buf


If you don’t want to quit, but close all tabs, pick one and do :tabonly to keep it.

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