:ls shows my buffers and lists flags for each buffer, but doesn't list whether &diff is set.

Plugins like unite's buffer source just rely on :ls output.

Is there an easy way to list and manage which buffers are in diff mode (for those times when :diffget fails due to more than two buffers in diff mode).

Ideally, I'd like something like :Unite buffer that includes 'diff' for buffers with &l:diff. A unite source that showed which buffers have certain variables would be cool: :Unite var diff scrollbind that works like :Unite buffer but appends 'diff' or 'scrollbind' to files with those options enabled.

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    Just a reminder that both :diffput & :diffget take a [bufspec] which can be a buffer number or a unique partial filename. e.g. :diffput foo. See :h dp. Bonus tip: set diffopt+=hiddenoff which turns off 'diff' when a buffer is hidden. Commented Jul 31, 2018 at 22:04

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Something like

:echo join(
\          filter(
\                 map(
\                     range(1, winnr('$')), 
\                     'getwinvar(v:val, "&diff") ? "window:".v:val."  buffer:".winbufnr(v:val)." -> ".bufname(winbufnr(v:val)) : ""'), 
\                 '!empty(v:val)'),
\           "\n")

will return you the information you're looking for.

First of all, &diff is a window-local option. This means you can fetch its value with getwinvar(winnr, '&diff'), on all windows with range(1, winnr('$')). From there, if true, you have the window number, you can extract the buffer number with winbufnr(winnr) and display the name of the associated buffer with bufname(bufnr).

The join + filter part helps to keep only what matters and print one result per line.

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