I would like to remap = only when i've opened a by astyle supported filetype in vim else I don't want any remapping on = because other plugins probably want to do it automatically (by accessing vim = - i hope they work like that - will see soon)

at the moment it simply looks like this:

set equalprg=astyle
  • if my question is confusing or hard to understand I'm really happy if you could just tell me that and I will change the hard to understand parts or try to explain everything more detailed – baxbear May 27 '17 at 15:59

Putting something like this in you r ~/.vimrc should work.

au FileType c,cpp,java setlocal equalprg=astyle

That will set 'equalprg' to astyle for any buffer containing a C, C++ or Java file and the setting will be local to that buffer.

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