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How can I clear word highlighting in the current document (e.g. such as after searching for a word)?
34 votes

Disable search highlighting permanently Matches won't be highlighted whenever you do a search using / :set nohlsearch Clear highlight until next search :noh or :nohlsearch (clears until n or N is ...

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Markdown in Neovim: which plugin sets conceallevel=2?
6 votes

Like @caneta, the indentLine plugin was the culprit for me too. I solved it by disabling it for markdown files like this: let g:indentLine_fileTypeExclude = ['markdown']

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How to generate closing tags for HTML?
5 votes

See vim-closetag It's exactly what you're looking for. From it's README: If this is the current content: <table| Now you press >, the content will be: <table>|</table> ...

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Refresh files in NERDTree?
1 votes

I use a custom map to refresh NERDTree: nmap <Leader>r :NERDTreeFocus<cr> \| R \| <c-w><c-p> Once set, Leader + r will do this for you: Switch to NERDTree Refresh the Root ...

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